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Madison Rising – Dave Bray

Featured guest this week on The New American Veteran was Madison Rising’s Dave Bray. Dave is a veteran of the US Navy, where he served as a FMF Corpsman for the 2nd Battalion /...

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October Veteran Unemployment Statistics

Last week the VA released the latest veteran unemployment statistics. “As with the first Friday of every month, the BLS employment statistics were released today. Attached is our ‘cheat sheet’ for your use and...

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Why is war so compelling?

Why is war so compelling? The Last Patrol is a 300 mile conversation about war. Sebastian Junger embarks on a journey along railway lines with fellow war journalist Guillermo Cervera, and military veterans Dave...

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The New American Veteran Update

Some recent TNAV shows! The Sua Sponte Elite Race Team, founded by a couple of Ranger veterans has a mission to get you off of “Fort Couch” and active. They assured me that although...